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Arslanian Group is a leading player in the international diamond sector.

The Group’s activities and products include rough and polished diamond manufacturing and trading, exceptional diamonds and bespoke high-end jewellery.
Managed by the third generation of the Arslanian family, the company has adopted long-term strategies, translated into a sustainable leadership vision, solid corporate structures and overall compliance.

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Arslanian Group was founded in 2013 by third-generation members of the Arslanian diamond family. As such, Arslanian Group builds on a rich tradition which started in 1951 when the first generation ventured into the diamond business.

Strongly anchored in the Antwerp diamond district, two consecutive Arslanian generations have built, expanded and maintained strong supply-chains from almost every diamond producing country, including with Russia’s Alrosa, the world’s leading diamond producer. With 70 years of company background, the actual management-team carries forward the family’s diamond group, combining a wealth of diamond expertise and a global diamond network with forward-thinking strategies for the next 30 years.


Our Expertise

Rough diamond sourcing expertise is at the very core of Arslanian Group. The Company combines institutional supply, long-term contracts and on the spot tender-buying to bring consistent, regular and tailor-made rough diamond assortments to the market.
With long-term rough diamond supply covered from very diverse sources, Arslanian Group is able to consistently offer tailor-made assortments to its customers throughout the world. Our front-row position in rough diamond buying explains why we are able to acquire the rough material from which to create the most exceptional polished diamonds. and bespoke high-end jewellery. Most of these exceptional diamonds ultimately find their way to the market as investment diamonds

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Arslanian Group capitalises on the inherited expertise of its Armenian craftsmen, worldwide recognised as the finest craftsmen in the diamond polishing and jewellery traditions.

The Group deploys its manufacturing skills in Armenia but also in various diamond centres like Antwerp and New York. 

Arslanian Group reopened and operates the APD (Angola Polishing Diamond) plant in Luanda (Angola). The first and largest of its kind. APD daily  demonstrates how locally trained Angolan craftsmen have mastered world-class diamond manufacturing skills to transform local rough diamonds into the highest quality of polished diamonds.

In less than a decade, Arslanian Group has built an exceptionally calibrated roster of international clients, to whom we sell tailor-made assortments of rough and polished diamonds on a regular basis.

All our clients are constantly monitored on payment terms, sustainability parameters and compliance issues. Our stable supply sources, excellent service and close relationships result in a very stable and loyal customer-base.

Our inherited passion for diamonds has led us to create some of the world’s most desirable diamonds, cut and polished by our own
craftsmen from our special reserve of exceptional rough diamonds.
These exceptional polished diamonds are acquired by the most famous jewellery brands and designers in the world, or find their way to discerning investors and collectors.
Some of our most inspiring diamonds, however, become part of our bespoke Arslanian Jewellery, sought after by a very discerning private and international clientele.

& compliance

In the last decades, the global diamond business has undergone welcome changes, all calling for increased transparency, integrity and overall sustainability.

With one of the youngest management teams in the international diamond business, Arslanian Group is uniquely driven by long-term objectives and embraces these culture-changes as natural steps towards a sustainable diamond future.

As such, supply chain integrity, ethical sourcing and traceability have all been embedded in our corporate strategies and are a fundamental part of our day-to-day functioning.

Apart from these corporate initiatives, the Arslanian Group honours its time-tested approach to social responsibility by directly supporting social causes.

Our Group’s sustainability efforts are underpinned by externally audited certificates and codes-of-conduct like the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Adoption of RJC’s Code of Practices presents a third-party audited pathway to sustainable growth for businesses in the jewellery supply chain. Arslanian Group was one of the earliest certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and is growing its sustainability efforts with each renewal of its RJC certification.

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“It is a great source of personal pride to be able to inspire the next generation through a lifetime of effort and work. This is the most satisfying reward that I could think of.”

Raffi Arslanian, President of Arslanian Frères.

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Our Antwerp office acts as our headquarter. Located in Arslanian House, one of the most vibrant buildings in the Antwerp Diamond Centre, where all segments of the Group are present.

Arslanian Group NV
Hoveniersstraat 30, Suite 552
Antwerp, 2018 Belgium




Our Dubai office is located in the Almas Tower, the custom-designed diamond building which houses all relevant diamond services for the Middle-East. In Dubai, the Group carries on Rough Diamond Sorting and Sales, as well as polished and jewellery trading.

38 J – A, Almas Tower,
Jumeirah Lake Towers,
Dubai, UAE.



Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong office is our main operating hub for the Far-East, with easy access to the important Chinese market. The Group concentrates on polished diamond trading, bespoke jewellery and investment diamonds.

Suite 1402, 14th floor,
Hong Kong Diamond Exchange Building
8-10 Duddell Street, Central
Hong Kong SAR, China




The Arslanian family has been present in New York City since 1978, resulting in Arslanian Group’s current establishment.

A.Arslanian LLC
50 Main Street – Suite 1000
White Plains – 10606
New York – United States




The Arslanian Group has actively been supporting the Angolese Diamond manufacturing Sector since 2014 through its Joint Venture with Sodiam, APD.

Angola Polishing Diamonds S.A. (APD)
Bairro Talatona – Municipio da Samba
Via S 15
Luanda – Angola